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Wireless Controllers

Transform any cardio equipment into an interactive game machine.

Attach the wireless controllers to cardio equipment, clip on the activity sensor, and you’re ready to play a variety of games, all while tracking your fitness metrics.

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Wireless Sensor

Fuse your exercise with exciting games.

With wireless sensor attached to your body, and game controllers mounted to your exercise machine (or held in you hand), your movement is part of the game. The faster your move the faster and harder your game moves.

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Diverse Games

Customise your new interactive workout.

With a diverse and growing library of Blue Goji and third-party games and apps (most free), you can make your workout experience your own. With the regular introduction of new games, you’ll keep your workouts fresh and never get bored.

  • I Went From Boring 30 minute walks on the treadmill to over an hour a day picking up the pace!


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Real-time Analytics

See fitness metrics in real time during your workout.

Unlike most apps, you see your progress towards goals in real-time during your
workout… even though it doesn’t feel like exercise, you can see the results as they unfold.

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Multiple Users

Personalise the experience for each member of the family.

With multiple user accounts, each member of your family sets their own
goals and chooses their own games. Motivate everyone in the house to get fit and have fun.

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Get in the Goji club.

All the excitement of Goji Play Specifically customised for health clubs and
gyms – coming soon.

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From The Same People Who Brought You

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Getting Started Is Easy

All you need is a mobile device and access to
exercise equipment.

A Moblie Device

A Moblie Device

  • ipad 3 and above
  • iphone 4s and above
  • ipad touch 5th Generation
  • iOS 6.1 or above
  • Android Users     Click Here
  • User With iOS     Click Here

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

  • Stationary Bikes
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Treadmills
  • Stair-steppers
  • Explore your own ways
  • And more!

New Addictive Games Added Regularly

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